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About Noelle

“I was raised in Christianity. I was molested by my pastor when I was 9, which led to 20 years of ‘hell’ on earth – extreme loneliness, depression, addictions to alcohol and men, conversion to Islam, and 2 broken marriages. In 2008, I had my great awakening – in ONE moment of ‘remembering’ who I really am and encountering LOVE – everything instantly changed!!!”   –Noelle

Noelle’s mission is to AWAKEN the WORLD to JOY.   Having risen out of a life of insecurity and pain into a life of strength and BLISS, she now uses her many talents to share her infectious joy with the world.

Whether she is singing, speaking, teaching, or writing, Noelle’s single purpose is to INSPIRE and awaken YOU to your own magnificence.  She and her husband Vince live full-time on the road in order to spread this important message.

Singer / Songwriter

About - Singer (800x600)Noelle is a classically-trained musician whose poignant songs tell stories that are both uplifting and inspiring.  Her dynamic voice SOARS with hauntingly beautiful melodies over her own elegant piano accompaniments.  Her first album, Music of Me, will be available very soon on Amazon and iTunes.


About - Author (800x600)
Noelle’s writing is both simple and profound.  Her daily journaling is her greatest treasure and is where she receives direct downloads from Spirit for the world.  Her first book, Bliss Beyond Belief, is the powerful story of her transformation out of the depths of darkness into the life of her wildest dreams.  Her 2nd book, Activate Your Power and Launch Your DREAM Business, takes everything to a new level and is full of stories about how she actually launched her businesses. Noelle’s most current uplifting insights can be found in her blog.


Inspirational Speaker

Noelle’s speaking style is a dynamic combination of story-telling and singing.  Her infectious passion exudes effortlessly in a genuinely childlike and effervescent flow of LIFE-giving words and music.   She conducts full-day Dreams to Reality workshops and travels with her one-woman musical, Noelle Remembers.


Founder of the School for Dreamers

Noelle has recently launched an online school that enables the dreamers of the world to come together and learn how to fully actualize the magnificence within them. Noelle’s personable, passionate and powerful teaching style emboldens and equips her students to walk into the life of their dreams.  Complete with dynamic video lectures, private Facebook community, and private coaching, the School for Dreamers is fast becoming a leading force in the Awakening of the World.