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7 Amazing Changes Since the Uncoupling – Coffee Time 42


Although it’s only been 5 weeks since Vince and I uncoupled, I’ve already noticed amazingly positive changes within me. There are tremendous benefits to having this time to invest in myself.

I filmed today’s show outside at a state park in Northeastern Tennessee where I’m staying right now. It was a dream come true to film Coffee Time outside!

Here are the 7 amazing changes I talk about on the show today:

1) Unlimited Alone Time

2) More Connected to the World

3) Loving the Van Life

4) Passion and Creativity are OFF the CHARTS

5) I feel ALIVE, more energy for everything

6) I feel stronger, less fear, more courage

7) Friendship with Vince – stronger than ever. My connection with him since letting go of the romantic side of things is real, strong, unconditional, unattached, and supportive. Amazing!

Watch the show for detailed explanations, gorgeous views, and fun stories to go with all of these 7 changes!

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