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5 Ways to Love Yourself Through a Painful Transition – Coffee Time 39

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18 days ago my life was shaken upside down. My life partner of 7 years, Vince, and I decided to consciously uncouple (a positive, loving divorce). And I had no idea the amount of pain in store for me as I faced losing the most amazing partner who I’ve built this incredible life with. The extent of the emotional pain has been beyond anything I’ve ever experienced, but I decided that unlike break-ups in the past, I would face this pain head-on. No distractions, no numbing myself, no “anesthetics” of any kind during this most excruciating internal surgery. But the tide has now turned and I feel new life and joy again. And I have arisen out of this intense cycle of pain with great insight of how to love yourself through something so intensely painful and scary. There is so much to be gained from facing pain like this. If you are currently experiencing a big transition of ANY kind, I know this video will encourage you immensely. Thanks for watching and sharing in my journey!!

If you can’t watch right now, here are the 5 Ways:

1) Fully FEEL Your Feelings

-No matter how up and down, or how crazy you feel – meet yourself EXACTLY in the feelings you’re having. You must let the pain and fear cycle through, to complete the work of the process

2) Remove All Shame

3) Listen to Your OWN Voice, NOT what others are telling you

Remember that the TRUTH is always the thing that seems too good to be true. If a piece of advice doesn’t lift you up or resonate with your heart, then just delete it. YOU know what’s best for you.

4) Take Care of Yourself Like You Would A Little Child

5) Meet Yourself in THIS Moment

Try not to hang onto something in the future or worry about the future. Ask yourself what you need in THIS moment. What feelings are you feeling in THIS moment? That’s all you need to focus on. Don’t create extra suffering for yourself by thinking about the future.

This is just a little taste! Watch the video!!!!

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