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4 Questions that Lead You to What You TRULY WANT – Coffee Time 77

CT 77
What you TRULY want in your deepest heart may be very different than what you THINK you want . . . .
I am ecstatic to be back with you after a couple weeks away. I missed you! Today’s topic is so powerful and important, I can’t even describe the joy and peace that this new revelation is bringing me. Feels like another awakening in my life and I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you today.
The other night I watched an episode of my favorite show, Nashville, and something tragic happened on the show (which, if you haven’t seen it I will not spoil it for you. Go watch all 5 seasons RIGHT NOW, they’re amazing. Incredible music!!) So something tragic happened and it hit me really deeply. When tragedy hits in real life, we suddenly get very clear on what actually matters. Things come into focus pretty quickly when we realize how finite our time is on this earth, and that none of us actually knows if we have more than THIS moment left to be here and experience this. Have you ever noticed that things that seem SO important can become utterly meaningless when you get a perspective shift? I am fascinated by this and my intention on the Coffee Time show today is to give you an opportunity to shift your perspective in your own life. I have a sneaking suspicion that what you THINK you want, may be very different than what you ACTUALLY want in your deepest heart. The reason I know, is because I had my own big perspective shift after watching that episode of Nashville. Suddenly all my big dreams of singing and speaking on world stages seemed pretty small and meaningless compared to the powerful simplicity of what my deepest heart actually wants. I feel like I’ve been turned upside down, glimpsed heaven, seen the light, etc. etc. I feel a deep peace, a deep trust, a deep knowing that I don’t have to strive or reach for anything anymore.
You see, there is so much noise in this world that keeps us from FEELING what we actually crave, in our deepest heart. There are many things blocking you from being aware of what you want. Since my recent little awakening on this topic I’ve discovered 4 questions that can help remove these blocks from your heart so you can begin to feel and see and know what you truly want. Will you join me on this journey? And if you are willing to set aside 30 minutes to watch Coffee Time today, you will witness me being extremely vulnerable with the ONE thing I’ve discovered I actually want, that I now realize is more important to me than any big career I’ve ever dreamed of. Ask yourself the following 4 questions. If you are truly surrendered to this process, this will allow your deepest heart desires to rise to the surface.
1) What would you want (to be, to do, to experience) if you had Limitless MONEY?
2) What would you want if you only had ONE YEAR left to live?
3) What would you want if you had NO OBLIGATIONS?
4) What would you want if NO one would JUDGE you?
What comes to the surface for you when you ask these questions? What becomes meaningless and insignificant? What becomes important? I challenge you today to not waste another moment of your life allowing money to control you, allowing obligations to limit you, or especially living in fear of what others think of you. Your desires are so good. You have an important purpose on this earth. You were designed to LOVE and to BE LOVED. Can you allow yourself to feel your true desires today? Can you allow yourself to TRUST that whatever you truly want, is what you are MEANT to have?

P.S. Do you know of someone who would benefit from this message? Please share this with him/her. Let’s encourage each other in our dreams!
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