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3 Steps to Make Your Dream a Reality – Coffee Time 76

Coffee Time 76a
Do you have laser-beam FOCUS on your dream life?
Last week we talked about the dream that’s burning in your heart. That dream is your calling, your purpose, and your mission.
So now we’re gonna talk about HOW to actually follow that dream. How do you turn that passionate desire into a physical reality in your life?
I’ve boiled it down to 3 key steps. I have a lot of experience in turning dreams into reality, and these steps come from my very real and recent personal experiences.
Your imagination is where the real work gets done. It’s the womb of creation. You are the creator of your life, and THIS is where it all starts. In this step, it’s important to let go of ALL limits. Don’t get into any details of HOW this might be possible or HOW it might happen. This is the time to be filled with childlike wonder, like before you ever learned there were any limits at all in this world. Find the picture that gives you the biggest thrill. Ask yourself, “If I could create the life I want and there were no limits on time or money, what would my ultimate life look like? How would I FEEL right now if I were instantly in that dream life?” (I like to write it out in my journal to keep my thoughts focused)
2 key things to remember about dreaming/visioning:
The power of creation is in your FEELINGS. So create the picture in your imagination that makes you feel ECSTATIC. This ecstasy is where the true power is. If you don’t feel it, you won’t create it. Whatever you FEEL, will eventually manifest in your physical reality. Your body and mind don’t know the difference between the feelings you have while you’re envisioning something and the feelings you have if that thing were actually happening. Take advantage of this power!
After you’ve tapped into the dream picture, you need to create space in your life to be able to focus on it. This step is mainly about saying NO to all the things in your life that keep you from following your dream. In order to focus on what you want, you’re gonna have to say NO to a lot of things that you don’t want. One of the BIGGEST areas you’ll have to say no is to PEOPLE who DON’T SEE WHO YOU ARE. If there are toxic people in your life who don’t uplift you, support you, make you feel amazing, see who you are and resonate with your dream, you need to draw boundaries. Your life and your purpose on this earth are WAY too important. Not everyone needs to like you or resonate with you. Focus on the people who DO see who you are. Stop interacting with drama, negativity, toxicity, ego. Just focus on those you make you feel amazing. And if you don’t have anyone like that, then just clear away all your relationships and build a great one with yourself. As you do this, people who are meant to be in your life will begin appearing at the right time. If you TRULY want to follow your dream, you’re gonna have to get PICKY about how you spend your time. Get comfortable saying NO to habits that steal your energy, people who steal your energy, work that steals your joy and energy, fear that steals your energy. This is a CRUCIAL step in the process of following your dreams.
Step 3) ONE TINY ACTION in the right direction
Now that you have the big picture and you’ve created space in your life to focus on your dream, find an action that will get your momentum going, but isn’t too daunting for you. For instance, when I first got my big picture of wanting to be a well-known singer/speaker/writer, the very first action I took was to write a blog post. And after writing that first post, I starting writing every day, and that eventually led to writing my first book, and doing videos, and creating the School for Dreamers, and Coffee Time, etc. etc.
But it all started with ONE little blog post, that hardly anyone read. Get the momentum going by taking a step that’s a little scary, but not TOO scary. It all starts with the first step. The next step will reveal itself when you’re ready for it. Just focus on ONE thing you can do that moves you in the direction of your dream life. And let the yellow-brick road take you the rest of the way. Magic and miracles are on their way to you!
One big take-away from today’s Coffee Time talk, is this:
Pay no attention to your current circumstances. When I first started sharing videos and I only had 9 YouTube subscribers, it was so discouraging to pour my heart out vulnerably and hardly get any views or responses at all. I had to ignore my current reality, in order to keep going in the direction of my dream reality. And now? I have over 5,000 subscribers, but more importantly, the people who watch my show are SUPER FANS, and are deeply impacted every week by what I share. This is true success for me. Not to mention that I feel ALIVE because I’m doing what I’m meant to do. If I can do it, you can too!!!
Watch today’s show for some powerful inspiration!!
P.S. Do you know of someone who has a big dream (or a small dream, or a medium dream) and would benefit from this message? Please share this with him/her. Let’s encourage each other in our dreams!

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