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Awakening the World to JOY


Is finding your purpose your deepest desire? Are you longing for greater happiness? Are you searching for your greatest self? Let me help you.

“Religion taught me I couldn’t trust myself.

LOVE taught me how to FULLY trust myself —

and that all I’ve EVER needed is within my own heart.”  Noelle Marie

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Are you a big dreamer, a spiritual seeker, an empathic, sensitive, passionate person with a longing to discover who you really are and break free from everything that holds you back from living the life of your dreams?

Then you are in the right place, my friend.

I have journeyed long and far through loneliness, anxiety, depression, insecurity, addictions, and limiting religious beliefs. My spiritual awakening came as a result of learning that I am actually awesome, just the way I am. That my sensitivities, passions, and deep emotions are not actually flaws, but my unique superpowers. Wherever you are on the journey of waking up to who you really are, I want to support you in any way I can, cuz I’ve been there.

Whatever you currently believe about yourself, I’m here to tell you that the truth is:


So let’s get started together on this journey of awakening out of a life of pain, into a life of joy and bliss and freedom!

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Books to Take You Deeper:

  • Activate Your Power and Launch Your DREAM Business – This book is for those of you who already know you’re pretty awesome. It will enable you to unlock your higher potential and release your creative passions into the world in a lucrative, mission-driven way that is unique to you.

School for Dreamers:

  • Allow me to personally walk with you on this journey of transformation by joining one of my online video courses. If you are ready and open to your highest destiny, I would LOVE to work with you through coaching, dynamic video lectures, written assignments, and group support.

Music to Awaken and Lift Your Heart:

  • Music of Me, my new album – a gorgeous compilation of 14 of the most inspirational songs I have written in the past year. Also available on iTunes

Grief Makes You Do Crazy Things

I was reading a blog post yesterday by one of my fellow warrior woman leaders who I admire, and I had this eerie, sad thought: “What happened to me? I used to write like that. I used to be full of wisdom and clarity and power and I spoke and wrote with insight and confidence <<< continue reading >>>

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I’m Fully Embracing My Desire for My Next Partner and I Don’t Take Advice unless it Fully Resonates — Coffee Time 85

I reached a point a couple days ago when I felt, again, this intense craving and longing for a partner. And instead of ignoring it or shaming myself for it, I met myself again, right in the middle of the feeling. And it's just MAGICAL, every time I choose to FEEL instead of to shame <<< continue reading >>>

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Big News: I’m Hitting the Road! and How I’m Dealing with the Fear of Live Music Videos — Coffee Time 84

WOW. The momentum of my life is not slowing down, but only getting faster. Another gigantic SHIFT occurred in my life this week, on the wings of pain and trauma between me and my family. I can not share details because I need to respect their privacy. However, I can say that it was one <<< continue reading >>>